Mubarak still in office; Effect of protests reaches Pakistan

By Anum Hussain — 02/10/11
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced today that he will remain in office but not seek re-election. Mubarak broadcast his statement around 3:30 p.m. EST. The crowd gathered in Tahrir Square erupted in anger.
Seventeen days ago the demonstrations began after Tunisia sent President Ben Ali into exile. The Tunisian success story inspired many Egyptians to protest their government leaders. Now analysts wonder whether a domino effect will spread throughout the region, causing other countries to speak out against their leaders as well.
One such country is Pakistan. Nadia Zaffar is a former news producer for Dawn News in Karachi, Pakistan. She said there are similarities between the two countries. Some of these include high rates of inflation and unemployment.
WEBN Reporter Anum Hussain sat down with Zaffar to hear the effect the Egyptian protests have had on the people of Pakistan. Watch the interview to find out what Zaffar has to say.