Tinseltown Sets Up For Oscars

By Kate Andrews — 02/23/11
red carpet.jpg
On Sunday the red carpet will be packed with Hollywood elite wearing designer duds, but jeans and sweatshirts were all the rage today outside the Kodak Theater. Workers prepped for Hollywood’s biggest night of the year while tourists snapped photos of the area.
Traffic was blocked off from Hollywood Boulevard. Clear tents were posted and a plastic cover shielded the red carpet from any bad weather. Journalists from across the globe strolled up and down the area, grabbing footage and taking pictures.
WEBN will be here for the rest of the week to watch as the final setup is unveiled for the 83rd Academy Awards this Sunday. Stay tuned for interviews with Henry Winkler, Wolfgang Puck, and the President of the Academy, Thomas Sherak, as WEBN covers this year’s Oscars.