Actor Bryan Barter Gets Social

By Brittany Berkowitz — 02/24/11
Some actors network and other actors appear in movies about networking. Bryan Barter plays Billy Olson in the movie “The Social Network.” Well before the cameras started rolling, Barter was wired into the social media phenomena that is Facebook.
“I was already many friends strong by the time I got the movie,” says Barter. Although he plays a buddy to Mark Zuckerberg in the film, Barter knew none of the details or the drama behind the creation of Facebook. The actor doesn’t want to point fingers in the controversy as to who started Facebook.
“What’s so powerful about this movie, is that no matter what the truth is it’s going to seal in people’s minds in some form that this is what happened,” says Barter. “People ask how do you do a movie about Facebook and not make it terrible but the writing is so tight, Aaron Sorkin doesn’t really let you breathe.”
Not only is “The Social Network” nominated at the Academy Awards for “Best Adapted Screenplay” but the film could potentially win in seven other categories including “Best Picture,” “Best Original Score” and David Fincher is nominated for “Best Director.” Although Barter has never been involved with an Oscar nominated movie before, he is pulling for “The Social Network” to come out on top.
“I would like it to win not just for personal reasons,” says Barter. “I would like David Fincher to keep making movies and if it wins the more people will see that.”