The Oscars Meets a New Generation

By Victoria Bergland and Kate Andrews — 02/24/11

Youth, glamour and talent with a dash of the past . . . that is the theme of this year’s Oscars according to Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak.
“We’re going to show the past and how lucky we all are to be in the present,” he said.
Oscar producers are embracing the theme by hiring the youngest ever co-hosts of the Academy Awards. James Franco is 32 years old while Anne Hathaway is 28. It’s a sharp turn from last year. That is when the 65-year old Steve Martin and 44-year-old Alec Baldwin graced the stage.
Even the ten best picture nominations have connected with a younger audience. Sherak is going one step further into the youth culture by adding backstage cameras to the award ceremonies website.
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