Winkler Talks Movie Making

By Justine Frostad — 02/24/11
(Scroll down to watch Winkler give WEBN his Oscar predictions.)
Films have the ability to transport the audience through time and space. Movies can make people laugh, cry or question their beliefs. Henry Winkler is someone who is keenly aware of the power of the medium. Winkler is multitalented as an actor, director and a former member of the Board of Governors for the Academy. He told WEBN what he believes makes a film Oscar worthy.
“I am moved, I am taken to another place, I learn something about human nature, or the human condition,” he said.
One of Winkler’s favorite of the ten films nominated is “The Kids Are All Right.” It’s also nominated for best original screenplay.
“I thought it was written well. I thought it was spectacularly acted by every person in that movie,” he said. “You forgot that the parents were two women, you only [thought] oh my gosh that could be my family, my kids have said that to me.”
Another film that moved Winkler this year was “The Fighter.”
“I think that Christian Bale should win for a transformational performance,” he said.
This is the second year in a row that the Academy has nominated ten films for the Oscar for Best Picture. Before last year the Academy’s members had to narrow their picks down to five nominees.
Some critics have argued that widening the category to include more movies tarnishes the prestige of winning an Oscar, but Winkler disagrees. He told WEBN he believes the award will remain coveted by its recipients.
“I don’t think that having ten films nominated for best picture takes away from winning the Oscar,” he said. “It’s world renowned in its history, in its relevance [and] its cache.”
Winkler said he believes the writers behind the celebrated films aren’t always given the credit they deserve.
“The writing is the foundation for everyone else to do their job,” he said. “If it’s not written well it’s hard to act, it’s hard to memorize, it’s hard to direct, it’s hard to attract.”
Winkler will be watching the 83rd Academy Awards from the comfort of his own home with friends and family. He said while it is certainly an entertaining night, it is also inspiring.
“When you see something that really hums, that really sings off the screen,” he said. “I envy the people that were part of that project.”
Winkler is working on an upcoming movie that will film in Boston. He will play a music teacher and is learning how to play the guitar for the role.
Winkler Shares His Oscar Predictions: