Seafood Tops Wolfgang Puck’s Menu

By Anaridis Rodriguez — 02/25/11

This year’s most anticipated feast is just two days away.
Wolfgang Puck gave WEBN an exclusive look at this year’s Governors Ball menu. He even rolled up his sleeves to show us how viewers at home can make a delectable paella, a traditional Spanish seafood dish, and mini kobe burgers, a big hit among celebrities.
For 17 years Puck has been a staple in the Academy as the official caterer.
He did not hold back when it came to food, especially seafood.
“We helped you guys in Boston, so we brought in a lot of shrimp, lobster, mussels and clams,” Puck quipped when talking about the amount of shellfish used in this year’s menu. Aside from the crowd pleasers, like the infamous chocolate oscar statue and his signature truffle pizza, Puck’s main ingredient this year is seafood.
Sushi appetizers and smoked salmon crisps with a caviar garnish round out the menu. No detail is left out and no beef patty is left unturned as a staff of 300 waiters will serve Hollywood’s biggest stars. But it’s not all work for the Austrian-American chef, by the end of the evening he will find a special way to celebrate.
“At 11:30 p.m. everything is done and I go out and talk to my friends, sit down and open a big bottle of champagne,” Puck said.
For more videos and to watch Wolfgang Puck show you how to make your own Oscar feast, stay tuned to WEBN.