Sandy Kenyon Says It’s Never Dull On The Red Carpet

By Justine Frostad — 02/26/11
Sandy Kenyon is no stranger to the red carpet. This will be Kenyon’s 24th year covering the Oscars. He said it’s always exciting to be on the red carpet.
“It’s terrific because you have some of the most charismatic people in the world all in one place and that energy is amazing,” he said. “I am thrilled to do it every year.”
He is an entertainment reporter and movie critic for WABC out of New York. Previously he had reported for CNN.
The entertainment expert, who is also known as the voice of “The Hollywood Minute,” has interviewed hundreds of celebrities during his career.
Kenyon said some of the most interesting people on the red carpet are the fans sitting in the bleachers.
“There are two sisters who have been coming for 42 years,” he said. “For everyone else here’s a lottery system to get into these stands, but these wonderful ladies automatically get in and they come every year.”
The Academy Awards is only hours long, but Kenyon said the preparation for entertainment reporters begins months in advance.
“You basically start preparing when all those good movies come out in the fall,” he said. “Oscar preparation starts around the end of September or beginning of October.”
Kenyon shared his prediction for Best Picture with WEBN.
“My number one for last year was The King’s Speech and that is the favorite to win,” he said. “It’s my favorite and Oscar’s favorite so I’m happy.”
Kenyon will be reporting on the red carpet leading up to the awards ceremony.