Manuel Signs On For Two More Years

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By Greg Burud — 3/10/2011
Charlie will stay in charge. The Philadelphia Phillies re-signed manager Charlie Manuel after a long negotiation process. Manuel’s new contract will have him leading the Phillies through 2013. The deal is reportedly worth between $7 million and $8 million. Since December, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. and company had been working with Manuel on a new contract. The deal was held-up as the sides struggled to agree on how much Manuel would earn. “Clearly we wanted to get this behind us,” said Amaro. “The number of years and all that other business. we were kind of on par with. Ultimately it comes down to just getting to the point where we’re comfortable of where the dollars were.”
Three years ago, Manuel led the Phillies to a World Series title. This year, the club has another shot at a championship. Philadelphia added pitcher Cliff Lee to an already star-studded roster. Manuel has had success coaching some of the league’s best. “He’s been around some very talented players over the last several years of his career, guys like Albert Belle and Kenny Lofton and Dennis Martinez,” said Amaro. “He just has a very good report with the veteran players. I think that he gels well with them. More than anything else he just let’s them play and be themselves. There’s a beauty in that.”
Manuel is regarded as a fiercely loyal manager. He has made it clear that he will stick by his players and his organization. “I’m a Phillie,” said Manuel. “If I cut my arm it’s going to be red blood and not blue. That’s how I look at it.”
In the final year of his new deal, Manuel will turn 69 years old. In recent decades, he has had numerous health issues. He survived a heart attack, had quadruple bypass surgery, and beat kidney cancer. Amaro looked past Manuel’s age to his results. “There’s always risk,” Amaro said. “I think this is the right thing to do for our organization moving forward. Charlie’s had a lot of success and helped us have a great deal of success over the last several years.”
Amaro might not have to worry about Manuel’s health. “I feel a…lot better today,” Manuel said. “I could probably throw batting practice, maybe run some.”