Mike Cameron Bounces Back

Picture 8.jpgBy Jerilyn Novia — 03/10/11
“Stay healthy, stay healthy, stay healthy, have fun, stay healthy.” Those are Mike Cameron’s goals for the upcoming season.
Last season the Red Sox outfielder and three-time Gold Glove winner appeared in only 48 games after suffering from an abdominal tear. However, after a few surgical procedures he is ready to get back out on the field. “I’m doing much better, very well. I’m getting my strength back and just really getting that out of the way so I can go out and play and avoid injuries.”
Last season in the few games he did play, Cameron managed to hit four home runs with a .259 batting average. The 38-year-old has yet to play in a World Series but with this year’s lineup he certainly has a shot. So far this spring he is batting .455 but earlier this week he reported minor pain in his right knee.
For tonight’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Manager Terry Francona put Cameron in the lineup as the designated hitter. If spring training is any indication of what might happen in the regular season, Cameron could make a big impact on the team’s success.