Warren Runs Against Senator Brown

By Kate Spalla — 09/14/2011
It is official. Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren is running against Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown here in Massachusetts.
This morning the Democrat greeted MBTA riders during their morning commute at the Broadway station in South Boston. She mostly spoke with students, but she says it’s not only because of her educational background.
“It’s something I strive for because students are our future,” Warren said. “They should care more about the upcoming senate election than almost anyone.”
Warren believes students need to reverse the direction Washington has taken recently.
“…That hits young people the hardest,” Warren says. “So I expect this to be a campaign that involves a lot of young people. It’s about the future.”
Warren said the Federal Housing Administration and GI Home Loans are two things which helped the United States out of the Great Depression. She is also calling for a return to those times when building the middle class was important.
“Coming out of the Great Depression, we built a strong and robust middle class, and really, everything we did in Washington was to try to strengthen that middle class.”
Most recently Warren had created the Consumer Protection Agency under President Barack Obama’s administration. He had not named her to lead the organization because he feared the House Republican majority would not confirm her. The Republicans had criticized her for being too single-minded in advocating for the middle class, and those who had lost their homes in the banking scandals.
Warren’s campaign is an attempt to take back the Democratic senate seat that was held by the late Ted Kennedy. In January 2010 Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley lost a special election to Republican Senator Scott Brown.
Newton mayor Setti Warren, former Lieutenant Governor candidate Bob Massie and non-proft founder Alan Khazei will run against Warren in the Democratic primary.
Warren made the announcement of her run in a YouTube video before greeting riders at Broadway Station. She has not yet announced her next campaign stops.