Warren Is Ready to Win the MA Senate Race

SAM_0262.JPGBy Eugenie Inniss and Colleen Shaughnessy — 10/06/2011
Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren says she is energized and ready to win the upcoming election against current Republican Senator Scott Brown.
“I promise you I will work as hard as humanly possible to win this election,” said Warren.
Just two weeks after Warren announced her candidacy, she held a fundraising rally at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston. The crowd cheered as Warren said she would fight for middle class families.
“Today’s middle class is getting hammered and Washington just doesn’t get it,” Warren said.
Warren said she grew up “on the edge of the middle class.” She stressed that she is fighting for working class folks because they have literally paved the way for upper class citizens. “To have roads and bridges so that you could get your goods to markets…to have Mass Transit so that workers can do their jobs. It takes the infrastructure the rest of us paid to build,” said Warren.
Warren is opposed to high tax rates for working families and exemptions for large corporations. “We now live in a world where GE (General Electric), a very profitable company pays nothing in taxes. What we saying to our young people, is if you want to get an education and have a shot at middle class, you have to take on more debt,” Warren said.
Warren is currently a current Harvard Law School professor and Obama Administration advisor. For the past three years she has been included in Time Magazine’s yearly “Time 100” poll as an influential person.
Warren spent the last year helping to create the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau and was expected to become its permanent director. However, President Obama never submitted her name. Some thought it was because he feared that Congress would never confirm her because of her fierce support of consumer protection.