Bob Massie Drops Out of U.S. Senate Race

By Kate Spalla — 10/7/11
Bob Massie is out of the race. The former 1994 lieutenant governor candidate is now a former U.S. Senate candidate.
Massie withdrew from the race less than a week after Setti Warren dropped out, and just three days after duking it out with the five remaining candidates at the U-Mass Lowell Debate.
In a statement released Friday morning, Massie said, “the dynamics of the race have shifted so profoundly.” Massie says he could no longer foresee a victory for himself.
Massie entered the race to bring his social justice values to politics. He worked as a minister in the 1980s and advocated for peace in apartheid South Africa.
“While my campaign has ended, my commitment to these goals and ideals
remains as strong as ever,” Massie says.
Massie has not said whether he will run for office again. The five remaining Democratic senate candidates are Elizabeth Warren, Alan Khazei, Marisa DeFranco, Rep. Tom Conroy, and Herb Robinson. They still have their eyes on Scott Brown’s U.S. Senate seat.

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