Occupy Boston Protestors Are Arrested

By Leah Mishkin and Marc Liverman — 10/10/2011
Occupy Boston protesters have increased in numbers. After being camped out for more than a week at Dewey Square, they expanded and claimed the northern section of the Greenway. However, after protesters failed to leave by Mayor Menino’s deadline of Tuesday at midnight, Boston police removed them from that area.
Protestor Zoe Wolf believed spreading into the northern area is within her constitutional rights, “we think it’s our right to expand as a movement.”
Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis thought otherwise. He said, “They’re not allowed to be on any parts of the Greenway, actually. But we’ve allowed them to express their constitutional rights, their First Amendment Rights in an area of the Greenway that we’ve set up and now they’ve moved it to another area so that’s not acceptable.” Around 1:30 am, Boston police moved in to arrest about 150 protesters in the new area.
Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis:

Occupy Boston Protestor Arrested on 10/10/2011