Political Support Lacking for Occupy Wall Street

ows.jpgBy Kate Spalla — 10/24/2011
Lawmakers are not responding. That’s what the Occupy Wall Street protestors are saying after weeks in New York City’s Zuccotti Park.
The temperature has dropped since the movement began mid-September, but the sleeping bags are still piled high as Occupy Wall Street protestors continue to fight for a reformed financial system. They say they’re still fighting because the lawmakers are not offering enough support.
“It’s not really in their best interest to change anything because some of their own campaign budget are coming from these very people who are making things as they are,” said Heather Davison of Oakland, California.
Davison said favoring the CEOs of Wall Street who finance government campaigns is not the only problem. She criticized the military budget, saying, “everything is linked.”
Johnny Grima of New York City described a cycle that is preventing the politicians from taking action.
The guys in power aren’t going to give up their seat, and their seat of power [is from] this corruption in which people get hurt,” Grima said.
One protestor referred to the French Revolution. “They have a choice,” said Lawrence James of Long Island. “They could have it our way, or they can be like Marie Antoinette.”