Alan Khazei out of the MA Senate race

By Satenik Karapetyan — 10/27/2011

Democrat Alan Khazei’s MA Senate campaign is over. In an announcement today at his campaign headquarters in Boston, Khazei said he believes the best way he now can be of service is to bring his campaign to a close. For Khazei, this move was another step toward uniting the Democratic party against Republican Senator Scott Brown’s re-election campaign.
He said, “Scott Brown doesn’t deserve to be re-elected. He has failed to lead when our country is crying out for game-changing leadership… I don’t want to do anything that would prevent Scott Brown from being defeated.”
Khazei referred to fellow Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, who has recently soared in the polls. “Elizabeth Warren has struck a powerful chord, and I congratulate her on that,” he said. He stressed that Warren has a significant amount of support across the state and across the country.
Although Khazei did not endorse Warren, he said that he did have a conversation with her yesterday and plans to meet with her sometime in the near future. “She’s been a champion for the issues, she’s new and exciting, and it’s very clear that she has definitely captured people’s imaginations.”
Khazei said he made the decision looking at the realities of the race. The report from the last fundraising quarter showed that Warren has raised over 3 million dollars for her campaign. “It was very clear to me that as the campaign moved on that she has the support of Massachusetts,” he said.
Khazei added “There is a need to reclaim our citizen-led democracy…I will continue with public service, which I’ve been devoted to my whole life. Today is a difficult day for me, but everyday is difficult for our fellow citizens and we need to dedicate ourselves to them.”