Pujols Gets a Marlins’ Offer

PUJOLS.jpgBy Sarah Luz — 11/12/11
The Marlins aren’t only looking to change their name and logo. The new-look Miami Marlins have given Albert Pujols a contract offer. Details of the deal have not been disclosed. However he is the biggest name on the free-agent market.
It is anticipated that Pujols is going to get a deal worth nine figures. For the first time in his 11- year career he is a free agent. The Marlins will have to offer more than the World Series champion Cardinals if they want to land Pujols. Last January, the Cardinals reportedly offered Pujols around $22 million for an average of nine years.
Pujols’ numbers in almost every major offensive category are on a three-year decline, but he still remains among the game’s best players. This year he hit 37 home runs, ran his 30-homer streak to 11 years, and batted .299 with 99 RBIs. He led the Cardinals’ doubtful late-season rise and became the third player to hit three home runs in a World Series game.
Next year the Marlins expect to boost their payroll from $57 million to at least $80 million. Signing Pujols would probably result in spending even more than that.
Ozzy Guillen is the Marlin’s new manager and sources say he will most likely be able to bring a lot of the free agents over to the team. Last night, Marlins president David Samson told reporters the team wasn’t commenting on any future free agent meetings.