The First People’s Caucus

By Ariana Sandillo — 12/27/11
The nation’s first people’s caucus has kicked off a week of protests here in Des Moines,Iowa.
A little more than 250 occupiers came from all across the country to confront the GOP Presidential Candidates. They voiced many of the occupy values, but this people’s caucus has a new place in the movement.
The occupiers plan to bombard the candidates with hard hitting questions about equality, justice, jobs and corporate america.
Many of the occupiers are tired of being ignored and having their futures lie in the hands of the one percent.
Lisa Bonar is a protestor from Iowa City. She started campaigning in early October and has a big agenda for her involvement in the movement.
“We are trying to bring everybody together to show that the democratic process is not working for us. It’s not working for the people.”
The occupiers say they are not going to disrupt the caucus, but instead will make it a demonstration of true democratic values.
Sit-in protests at campaign offices and teach-ins will be held throughout the week and up until the Caucus on January Third.