Democrats Question Romney’s Healthcare Motives

By Dominique Banas –12/28/11
Democrats are questioning Mitt Romney’s motives concerning healthcare.
Today a media conference call was held with Minneapolis Mayor and DNC Vice President RT Ryback and Iowa Democratic Chair Sue Dvorsky. The two continued to highlight what they called Romney’s failed policies including health care. They also accused the former Massachusetts Governor of not caring about the middle class.
During the conference call, WEBN Boston asked the two Democrats “How can you reconcile the fact that Romney pushed through health care for the middle class in Massachusetts?”
Sue Dvorsky answered “We don’t have to reconcile it. Governor Romney has to reconcile it.” She elaborated that “It’s been one of those indicative questions that shows the difficult time he has reconciling the many visions of public policies he has espoused over the years.”
The Romney Massachusetts healthcare law requires all citizens to have medical insurance. Romney has defended the program, saying it works for Massachusetts but won’t work nationwide. He wants each state to create its own healthcare plan.
This has led Rybak to accuse the former Massachusetts Governor of being on both sides of the healthcare issue.”I think that shows a real arrogance to say one thing to the people in Boston and one thing to the people in Iowa and to pretend that the people won’t realize he is talking out of both sides of his palace.”
All but two percent of Massachusetts’ residents now have healthcare. Five years ago when the Romney healthcare law went into effect six percent did not have healthcare. Almost all children in the commonwealth are now insured.