Iowan Democrats Take On Romney

By Wynn Harrison — 12/28/11Mitt_Romney_visits_Ames.jpg
Iowan Democrats spent today blasting Mitt Romney. Iowa Democratic Party Chair Sue Dvorsky criticized the GOP Presidential candidate for not spending much time in the state. “He hasn’t been here much so we are a little surprised to find that he has decided he’s going to win in Iowa.”
In a media conference call, Dvorsky denounced Romney’s record. She described him as having failed policies.
Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak was also on the conference call. He accused Romney of being “on both sides of every single issue since the beginning of his career.” Rybak said he is incapable of making tough decisions, but ironically Romney has criticized President Barrack Obama’s tough decisions since day one. Rybak describe one of those decisions as how Mr. Obama is dealing with the financial crisis. Mayor Rybak and Chair Dvorsky agree that Romney’s plans for the financial crisis involve cutting out the middle class. According the Dvorsky, Romney’s economic plan will fire thousands of workers.
Romney’s campaign party says that his strategy for Iowa is to win but Dvorsky says his real strategy is to buy his way to the White House. Romney is currently in Iowa. Tomorrow he will talk to voters tomorrow in Cedar Falls about his economic plan. He will also be holding a grassroots rally at 5:30pm in Ames.