Perry Will Never Waver

IMG_0445.jpgBy Liz Montaquila — 12/28/11 Rick Perry has been talking tough on issues of immigration and abortion.
This afternoon, Texas Governor Rick Perry told voters that the Mexican border needs to be shut down, and abortion clinics should never be funded. The Republican Presidential candidate stood while talking to voters both at the Sports Page Grill and the Smokey Road Coffee House in Indianola and Pella, Iowa.
Perry boasted about the success he has had defunding Planned Parenthood in his state. The organization is the largest provider of reproductive health services in the United States. It offers women services that include routine medical check-ups, mental health services, contraception and abortion.
Perry said, “there’s not anybody in this country that’s been more pro-life than I have been.” He elaborated “there are 12 Planned Parenthood facilities closed down in Texas today because we refuse to allow for Texas dollars to flow into these hospitals for abortion purposes.”
Perry was also adamant that the border with Mexico is not safe. He said that he is confident the border will be secured under his command as President.
During this afternoon’s question and answer session it was brought up that an American Border Patrol agent was killed by guns transported from the United States to Mexico. The American government had admitted knowing the guns were part of the Fast and Furious project. It was an effort to track the movement of weapons among Mexican cartels. Perry said that he believes Attorney General Eric Holder “needs to resign or be fired” whether he was unaware or withheld information from the American public. “This is an Attorney General who is breaking what I consider to be confidence of the American people.”
Perry stressed he will never waver. “Regardless of what the Lord’s got planned for me, I’m gonna be standing up for my values. I will be standing up for my faith. I’m gonna be standing up for my Judaea-Christian values that this country were based upon.”