Ron Paul Calls for Bringing the Troops Home

By Ariana Sandillo — 12/28/11
Ron Paul wants to stop it all…wars, spending and corruption.
Instead he wants freedom, property rights and sound economic policies.
IMG_0351.jpgToday at a town hall meeting in Newton, Iowa, the republican presidential candidate told about 200 people the country needs to be run according to the constitution. Paul told the audience that “80% of what the government does is technically unconstitutional.”
Dr. Paul said if he’s elected he would cut one trillion dollars out of the budget in the first year. Part of that would come out of the Defense Department. Paul said our military has 900 bases in over 130 countries. He wants to take American troops out of the Korean peninsula, Germany, Japan and Australia. He also warned the audience that “we are not out of Iraq. That’s a dream.”
The Texas congressman’s definition of defense was clearly libertarian. “The defense of liberty is the defense of America and that’s the way we ought to go.”
Ron Paul has surged to the top of the polls in Iowa. Tonight at 7 o’clock Dr. Paul will meet with veterans at the Knapp Learning Center at the Iowa State Fair grounds in Des Moines.