Ron Paul’s Trillion Dollar Promise

RP1228.jpgBy Micaeli Rourke — 12/28/11
Congressman Ron Paul was talking business today. He held a town hall meeting at Guide One Insurance in West Des Moines. 1Guide One insures churches, but claims it is not a faith-based company.
The meeting highlighted Paul’s positions on foreign policy, privacy rights, and government spending.
“The conditions in our country are not conducive to economic changes right now…Nobody in Washington is smart enough to regulate the economy or tell you how to spend your money.”
Paul talked about his plans to eliminate the federal reserve, and to reestablish the gold standard.
If he’s elected President, one of Paul’s first fiscal policy moves would be massive. “My first year in office I would cut the budget by a trillion dollars.”
He claims this would be possible by eliminating five federal departments, and regulating the American dollar.”
The Republican Presidential candidate has recently experienced a surge in the Iowa polls. He boasted about his popularity with voters in the military. “Our campaign gets more money from active military members than all other GOP candidates combined.”
This fact seems to prove that many in the military agree with Dr. Paul’s anti-war position, which differs from every other GOP candidate. He believes that our military’s work is far from finished in Iraq, even though President Obama has officially declared the war there is now over.
“The war in Iraq is not over…America has a compulsion to occupy other countries with military action and force.”
This evening Dr. Paul will be meeting with Iowa veterans at 7pm at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.