This Caucus Doesn’t Have A Victor

By Cat Ross — 12/27/11
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This is one Iowa Caucus which will never have a winner. That’s because it belongs to the Occupy Movement. Its goal is to challenge this American tradition of choosing presidential nominees.
Indianola native Deborah Sage thinks Occupy’s “People’s Caucus” is a more accurate representation of voters than the traditional caucuses. Issues would be driving the election instead of the candidates’ personalities and ideas.
“Look at the faces in this room. This is what America really looks like,” Sage says. “These ideas are the ones candidates should be paying attention to.”
On October ninth, David Goodner joined Occupy Des Moines when it first camped outside of the Iowa State House. He believes it is Iowans’ responsibility to use their voices.
“We’re America’s apple pie. We’re the first in the nation and the ones that will mobilize others and hold candidates accountable.”
That’s just what these demonstrators are doing between now and Caucus night on January third. One of their other goals is to build a progressive movement. On December 30th they will be holding an afternoon event for the public featuring California congresswoman Barbara Lee, anti-war activist Tom Hayden, Co-President of National Nurses United Jean Ross and The Nation correspondent John Nichols.