Bachmann Is Almost At The Finish Line

IMG_0395.jpgBy Wynn Harrison 12 /29/11

Michele Bachmann has only five more counties to go. The presidential candidate wants to visit all 99 Iowa counties before caucus night.
Today she was at the Pizza Ranch in Waukee where she told voters she is their best choice for president. “You need to have a candidate that has been proven and tested through the fires who is going to stand up and stand strong.” Bachmann says she is this candidate and she will make Mr. Obama a one-term president.
State Senator Brad Zaun was there to urge the group to choose Bachmann. “We really need your help on January 3rd. We have got to do it for this next generation. We are at a point of no return and Michele Bachmann will do the right thing.” He praised her saying she is consistent on issues and she’ll make her own decisions in the White House.
This has been the 19th Pizza Ranch on her bus tour. Tomorrow Bachmann will spend the day in Des Moines being interviewed at a radio station, holding a town hall meeting, and visiting the Iowa Association of Mortgage Brokers at the State House. Her bus tour will move on to Marshalltown.