Pro-Life Group Accuses Santorum Of Being A Fraud

By Dominique Banas–12/30/11
Rick Santorum’s Faith, Family, and Freedom tour is on the move.
111_0066.JPGTonight the former Pennsylvania Senator talked about his campaign in a town hall meeting. It was held at the American Legends Grill in Marshalltown, Iowa.
Santorum answered questions about immigration, education, the economy, and the hot button issue of abortion.
A WEBN Boston reporter asked him, “How is your stance on abortion different from the fellow Republican candidates and how do you plan to draw in that Conservative vote?”
Santorum responded with conviction, saying “You have a lot of the presidential candidates that will say I believe life begins at conception. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t believe life begins at conception. I know life begins at conception.”
Earlier in the afternoon Santorum held a meet and greet in Ames, Iowa. Outside the event Iowans For Life members distributed flyers accusing him of being a “pro-life fraud.” They’re claiming he campaigned for pro-choice candidates like then- New Jersey Governor Christine Whitman whom they said supported partial-birth abortions. The group’s flyer also stated that 7 years ago Santorum campaigned for pro-choice Senator Arlen Specter instead of Republican pro-life Pennsylvania Congressman Pat Toomey.  Spector had switched to the Democratic party in an effort to get reelected.
Despite the negative publicity from the pro-life group Santorum’s supporters are continuing to follow him. “I am very interested in his views on social issues on family and faith,” said Marshalltown resident Clair Long. “I think that it is what we need is what he has to offer and I want to help him get there.”
Santorum concluded his town hall meeting in a pitch for the crowd’s vote. “We have to defeat what is happening in Washington right now. You make the first vote.”
Tomorrow Santorum will be holding a meet and greet in Indianola,Iowa.

By Dominique Banas–12/30/11