DNC Chair Rejects Occupy’s Offer to Meet

By Micaeli Rourke –1/1/12occupy-web-image-300x225.jpg
The Occupy movement has reached another roadblock. Although the groupĀ  representing the 99 percent have made advancements in recent weeks, it has failed to get the attention of the Democratic National Committee.
Today, thirty members of Occupy Caucus marched through downtown Des Moines to the hotel of DNC Chairwoman, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The protesters had a message for Schultz in the form of a letter that expressed their frustrations, and requested to meet for a discussion.
The Democratic party has held the White House since 2008 and had a Democratic majority in Congress for two years. During that time President Obama and the Democratic Party put the agenda of Wall Street and the Corporate 1% first, over the needs of 99% of the country. Your leadership failed us. You must do better in 2012.”
The letter signed “Occupy Des Moines and allied Occupiers” fell on deaf ears. Wasserman Schultz replied, saying she would not be attending the meeting because she would be out of town. As a result, a small group returned to the Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel in an effort to speak with Wasserman Schultz before her departure. The group was threatened with arrest and turned away.
Brandon Griffis is a member of Occupy Des Moines. He expressed the movement’s frustration at the lack of attention from the political powers that be.
“We offered to host the Representative for a civil discussion…They could have told us anytime that she wasn’t available tomorrow and we could have rescheduled. The Democrats, like the Republicans, apparently have no interest in hearing the concerns of the 99%.”
Griffis’ point contradicted the assumption that the Occupy movement had a Democratic agenda, rather it transcends bi-partisan politics. In response to the allegations that Occupy causes more civil disobedience than it does progress, Griffis said, “We’re happy to converse civilly with those that will listen. We only raise our voices to those that shut us out of the political process.”