Santorum’s Confidence Rises With Polls

By Emari Traffie — 1/2/12 Screen-Shot-2012-01-02-at-4.39.27-PM-300x198.jpg
All eyes are on Rick Santorum. He’s finally getting his turn in the spotlight. This morning the former Pennsylvania Senator was in a small café in Polk City, Iowa. He made his case for being election president to more media than actual registered voters.
Photographers climbed on anything they could to get a shot of the Republican candidate, even while Santorum made a point to criticize the media.
“Do not defer your judgment to the pundits and the polls.”
He is now third in the latest Des Moines Register poll. Moving his way up the ladder, he took a few hits at both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.
“One of my opponents who has now directed his attention at me, surprisingly, has said that he has executive experience. We are not looking for a chief executive officer for this country. We are looking for a Commander-in-Chief.”
He didn’t hold back in his criticism of Barack Obama.
“He routinely divides this country. He poisons the well, routinely in Washington… I have said, and I’ll repeat it. I hope never, after I am President of the United States, to mention the name of Barack Obama.”
It looks like Polk City’s mayor is ready to endorse Rick Santorum. Mayor Gary Heuertz said he was at the meet-and-greet for one reason.
“I’m leaning towards… I think I’ve just about got my mind made up and that’s why I was here today.”
Most of the people in the room didn’t seem to be from Iowa. For example eight people were seated at a table but only one was from the Hawkeye State.
There was an issue of partisanship because Santorum took a risk by wearing a University of Iowa sweatshirt.
“I know it’s a very divisive thing in this state, but it’s the warmest coat I have.”