Boston Peace Rally Against War On Iran

IMG_1797.jpgBy Dominique Banas–2/5/12
“No Justice, No Peace, U.S out of the Middle East.” That was the chant heard this afternoon in downtown Boston.
Occupy Boston Action for Peace Working Group was leading this demonstration. A few hundred anti-war protestors rallied outside the Park Street MBTA Station. It was one of 60 demonstrations held across the country against any war to be waged against Iran.
Jeff Klein is a representative of United for Justice with Peace and Dorchester People for Peace. Klein spoke to the crowd about getting more people involved.
“We can’t keep meeting like this,” he said. ” We have to do a better a job of convincing our neighbors in Dorchester, Roslindale, Dedham, South Boston, and East Boston, and Quincy, and Arlington that these wars just don’t happen. That they happen because we have a system of militarism and corporate greed that makes these wars inevitable.”
Protestors marched through the Boston Common towards Boylston Street. Boston Police helped by stopping traffic along the Boylston and Charles Street intersection. The march continued to the Israeli Consulate near the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.
Klein explained the importance of stopping at the consulate. “You cannot understand the present political moment and the possibility of war with Iran unless you understand something about what Israel is doing and what its supporters are doing in this building and in the community.”
After stopping at the consulate, anti-war protesters marched toward Copley Square for the conclusion of the protest.
Today peace was not on the mind of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. He threatened to launch a military strike if diplomacy and sanctions fail to stop Iran’s nuclear program.
Iran responded with threats to cut oil exports.