Josh Hamilton has Alcohol Relapse

Hamilton.jpgBy Courtney Swift — 2/09/12
Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton has had an alcohol relapse. The relapse came at a Dallas bar last week.
The incident is Hamilton’s second known relapse since becoming sober. Major League recommends he avoid alcohol, but does not ban him from drinking. He is tested three times a week for banned substances and has never failed a test.
Hamilton says he experienced a “weak moment” stemming from “personal matters” with a family member. He says he had three or four drinks at dinner during the relapse and continued drinking later that night. He did not take any drugs.
This is Hamilton’s second known alcohol related relapse in three years. Both came during the off-season. Hamilton was suspended for more than three years for drug and alcohol use. He won the American league MVP award in 2010.
The Rangers and Hamilton are in the process of negotiating a long-term extension keeping him from hitting free agency after the season.