Red Sox Truck Heading South

truckday.jpgBy Samantha Edwards–2/11/2012
Truck day means one thing to Red Sox fans…springtime.
This year, a light snowfall did not keep fans indoors on Truck Day. It has become tradition for fans to send off the Green Monster semi-truck as it heads south on I-95.
“This is better than Groundhog Day for the first sign of spring,” said self-proclaimed Red Sox die-hard fan Kerry Relf. “Plus we’ve been waiting since the day after the World Series for the next season to start.”
Fans are more than happy to embrace a new Red Sox season to heal the wounds of a Super Bowl loss. But they also want to redeem the rough ending to the previous Sox season.
“I’m looking forward to getting over last year,” said Liz Kennel. “We’ve had a lot of changes in the off-season, and I hope they’ve been good changes.”
Red Sox president Larry Lucchino joined fans outside Fenway. He was posing for pictures and distributing homemade cookies.
“It’s going to be a very challenging and exciting year,” said Lucchino.
The Sox president talked about the new combination of manager Bobby Valentine and general manager Ben Cherington.
“They’ve proven to be a good team and collaborate well with each other comfortably and easily,” said Lucchino. “They bring different skills to different roles, but there’s a very good chemistry and a lot of excitement as a result.”
That’s something many fans are dying to see.
“New season, new things and another chance at the World Series…” said Mike Cefoe.
The day ended as the back of the truck was slammed shut. Fans are one step closer to Opening Day. Everything from bats to gloves and uniforms were packed away for the nearly 1,500-mile drive to the new Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers, Florida.