A Parisian Twist At The Oscars

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for The_Eiffel_Tower.jpgBy Amanda Hittinger–2/16/2012
Paris at night…Some say it’s even more beautiful than it is while the sun is up. For Owen Wilson, it’s magical.
Wilson plays writer Gil Pender in the quirky, romantic comedy, “Midnight in Paris.” Director and writer Woody Allen gives the audience something unexpected. Porter is portrayed as a dissatisfied, Hollywood screenwriter who is looking for something more. He is currently working on a novel about a man who owns a nostalgia shop, reflecting his own desire to live in the past. He visits Paris with his fiance, played by Rachel McAdams, and her parents on a business trip. But he can’t stop obsessing about how amazing the city must have been in the twenties. He talks about how much he would love to move there after the wedding. Inez (Rachel McAdams) doesn’t like that idea and seems to become distant from her husband-to-be.
One night after dinner, Inez goes dancing with another couple while Porter walks back to the hotel. He finds himself lost in the streets of Paris, and a bunch of drunk stangers call him into a car. He gets in and can’t believe where he ends up. Dancing with Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, or drinking wine with Ernest Hemingway can’t really happen, can it? The audience will shocked by this twist, but also a little confused. One thing is for sure, the depiction of Paris throughout the entire film will make you want to get on the next flight and see it for yourself.
This film is nominated for 4 Academy Awards including Best Film.