Defining a “Carousel” Movie in Hollywood

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By Jordan Moncada — 02/24/12
A sense of humor and sensibility…those are just two things the executive producers of “Crazy, Stupid, Love” have in common.
Producers Vance DeGeneres (brother of the popular talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres) and Charlie Hartsock were brought together by funny-man Steve Carell. Hartsock and Carell were college friends. The two comedy fanatics did improv together at Second City in Chicago. Years later, Carrell shared an office with DeGeneres in New York City. Carell and DeGeneres were correspondents on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”
When the time came for Carell to start up his own production company, Carousel Productions, he asked DeGeneres and Hartsock to help him out. Luckily for DeGeneres and Hartsock, the two newbie film producers got along perfectly.
Hartsock says he and DeGeneres have the same sense of humor and the same sensibility. When someone pitches an idea to the dynamic duo, they think the same way. Hartsock and DeGeneres are able to ground a character and story to bring Carousel Productions’ message to its audience.
The “Crazy, Stupid, Love” producers agree that they’re in good company at the office. Not only do they enjoy collaborating with each other on projects, but they enjoy working with one of Hollywood’s most talented comedic actors, Steve Carell.
“Steve is incredibly talented and really, really funny,” Hartsock told WEBN in LA. “Since Steve’s start came later, he found a confidence in his point of view. He knows what he wants and doesn’t want.”
Carousel Productions is currently finding a way to brand its movies. The company wants audiences to know what a Carousel movie is.
“Hopefully when audiences see a Carousel film, even without Steve, they will still have the same feel for it,” DeGeneres told WEBN.
The duo’s latest projects include a film called “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” starring Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi as well as a T-V series called “Inside Comedy.”