Matthew Mungle Uses “Albert Nobbs” To Prove He Is Not Your Regular Make-Up Artist

By Darian Harvin — 02/24/12
Matthew Mungle is a make-up artist. But his job isn’t about applying eye shadow and mascara. It ‘s about prosthetics and transformations.
Anything Mungle makes is created in his “lab studio.” The walls are covered with prosthetics of actors and actresses he uses to recreate their faces and make them look real. This is his collection of more than thirty years.
Mungle has been nominated for Best Make-Up for his work in “Albert Nobbs.” He’s in good company since both “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” and “The Iron Lady” have also received nominations in his category.
Mungle told WEBN today that Glenn Close had a large hand in creating the face of her Albert Nobbs’ character. “She loves her husband’s nose so much she sent me a picture so I sculpted her husband’s nose on her face.”
Mungle spent a week on the set of “Albert Nobbs” in Dublin, Ireland, teaching make-up artists how to recreate the characters Albert Nobbs and Hubert Page. Each character’s make-up took an hour and twenty minutes.
“Everyday watching herself [Glenn Close] transforming to Albert in the mirror gets her into the character, and as I always say, we as make-up artists and prosthetics can do the best make up ever, but it’s up the actors to bring that character to life. And if you don’t do that, then your make-up is lost and your character is lost.”
The phrase make-up effects doesn’t mean what it does today. Materials and make-up have become more advanced, but the goal is the same…to bring movies to life.