Puck Pops With 3-D Dessert

By Darian Harvin — 02/24/12
Wolfgang Puck is the man with the 3-D glasses…not to watch films but to eat food. The celebrity chef is making a chocolate dessert that looks like it can pop. Well, it looks that way when you look it through 3-D glasses. It is all in honor of the new trend in 3-D movies.
Puck’s eye-catching dessert will be center stage Sunday night at the Governor’s Ball. Over 100 waiters will line up to serve over 1,500 guests. Puck has also taken more than twenty of his signature dishes and made them mini size. Instead of one large meal, guests will be served small dishes that appeal to every single taste bud.
Classic dishes will have a special touch. The chicken pot pie will be sprinkled with black truffles. However there are some dishes found at every Governor’s Ball, such as the kobe sliders and smoke salmon Oscars.
Puck says the nominated movies of the year never influence his menu. What does make him tick are the changes made to this year’s after party.