“The Artist” Crew Was Moved To Tears

Richard Middleton.jpg
By Jordan Moncada — 02/24/12
“The Artist” proves that you can move an audience without words and color. But the executive producer Richard Middleton explained to WEBN today in LA, that the crew of the Oscar-nominated film was hesitant at first.
“When we were on the set the director (Michel Hazanavicius) and we would sort of look at each other every couple of days and say ‘so what do you think is gonna happen?’ And I would say ‘I don’t know. What do you think is gonna happen?’ And we sort of came to the realization… and the director did…that he would [and] at least the cast and the crew will have a very beautiful DVD to have as a memory for working on the movie.”
Middleton and Hazanavicius realized the movie’s potential success after actor Jean Dujardin finished filming an emotional scene. Middleton looked around the set to see the entire crew was in tears.
“If the people that know the story, intimately, are moved by what they’re seeing, than there’s the possibility that an audience that knows nothing will go in and be equally touched,” said Middleton.
The entire crew members knew the movie they were making was special. But they didn’t know it would be special enough to snag 10 Oscar-nominations including Best Picture.
The movie doesn’t just separate itself from the other Oscar contenders because it’s black and white or silent. Middleton thinks that the audience became attached with the movie because of the emotional involvement.
“The recognition that this film has gotten is because as people go into the experience, they come out of it having that emotional connection. And they also walk out on a high. It’s a joyous film,” said Middleton. “The success has come out of the opportunity for people to just feel. ”
The film has also moved judges since it has snagged 69 international awards.