GMA Host Brings Oscar Glamour to Your Home

By Jillian Wilson — 02/25/12
Robin Roberts is the co-host of “Good Morning America.” And every February she has one goal…to bring the Oscars right into our homes.
“I want people at home to feel like they are standing right next me to on the red carpet,” the six-foot host said in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel.
Days before the big event Roberts is just as excited as she is on Oscar Sunday. During today’s interview with WEBN, She showed a sense of humbleness as she acted out her attitude with the stars. “I’m just a simple girl from Mississippi, and when I’m on the red carpet, I’m like hey, Brad, Angelina, yes, Viola!”
Roberts thinks this year’s “Classic Hollywood” theme is the perfect tribute to the movies. She reminded us when going to a movie theater, buying popcorn, and being surrounded by a lot of people was the norm.
“Nowadays, people are watching it on their laptops or on their iPhone which is great in a lot of ways, but you miss that camaraderie of being in a movie theater and experiencing it with a group of people,” Roberts said. “And I think harking it back to those days, it’s going to remind people that, yeah, I need to go to the Cineplex.”
Just because the 84th Academy Awards is going back to its roots doesn’t mean the show isn’t keeping up with our ever-changing world. Although it will be Billy Crystal’s ninth time hosting, he and the Academy are keeping us guessing about what Sunday will bring.
“He just brings freshness to it. He’s just been tweeting up a storm, giving hints about things that he will do,” Roberts said.
But Crystal is certainly not the only person Roberts is curious about. She has no idea who will win best actress. “When you look at Michelle Williams, she won a Golden Globe. Meryl Streep, she won a Golden Globe. Viola Davis won the SAG. So it’s kind of an even playing field. I mean you really don’t know what is going to happen.”
The only prediction she was confident about was best supporting actress. “I think Octavia Spencer is pretty much a lock for supporting actress. But other than that, picture of the year, movie of the year, I have no idea. But that’s the thrill and the drama, and the excitement of it,” Roberts said.
Just like the rest of us, Roberts will have to wait until the big Oscar night to find out.