Hoping To Transform A Robot Into A Statue

By Mike Lamia — 02/25/12
Transforming a car into a robot is harder than it seems. At least it is on the big screen.
Mark Vahradian is the executive producer of the Transformers movies. He knows every little detail that goes into creating an Oscar nominated movie.
“We are dealing with a level of visual effects complexity that has never been done in any movie before,” Vahradian told WEBN today in Los Angeles. “We make sure every single robot in every frame looks absolutely photo real.”
This year “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon” is up for three different Oscar nominations in the category of visual effects. However, it has some in-house competition. “Hugo” is another 3D film that is up for the same awards and may pose a threat to the high thrills blockbuster.
“Hugo is an incredible movie 3-D wise and visual effects wise. And the imagery is astoundingly beautiful. But not everyone understands the level of complexity that goes into our movies,” says Vahradian. “They are as artistic as any of the other nominees and the care that goes into them is unprecedented in terms of artistic endeavor.”
In the past even though the Transformers movies have always been nominated, they have never gotten an Oscar. However in honor of the robot in this year’s film, Vahradian remains “Optomistic Prime.”
“If you pulled one frame from this movie and looked at it carefully and saw the composition of it, you would think that was art, “says Vahradian. “We would love to have the recognition.”