“Moneyball” Actor Brent Jennings Landed A Grand Slam Role

By Jordan Moncada — 02/25/12
This actor didn’t need to be an athlete to be on an all-star team. Brent Jennings plays third base coach Ron Washington in the Oscar-nominated film “Moneyball.”
Jennings originally auditioned for the film before director Bennett Miller was assigned to the project. He read for the role but didn’t get the call he wanted. However, later Jennings got his second shot.
“I met with the casting director first and she asked me to come in and meet the director,” Jennings told WEBN in LA. “And I came back that day and met with him. And by the time I left, he came out of the room and called me back. He said, ‘look, let’s not go through this. We want you to do the film.’
Jennings was ecstatic to land the role, especially because he would be working with an all-star cast.
“Aaron Sorkin had done the script, Bennett Miller is directing it, Brad Pitt’s starring it, Phillip Seymor Hoffman, Jonah Hill…so it was an A-plus cast and a great association,” said Jennings.
The environment created made Jennings comfortable on set. Soon Jennings’ teammates on-screen became his baseball buddies off -screen.
“It was like being on a baseball team. So there were practical jokes in the dug out and we’d always run and take batting practice,” said Jennings. “Sometimes we’d hit a good ball and I’d think ‘well, maybe I can still play.’ There was a kind of camaraderie that developed that you would find on a baseball team.”
Some of the “Moneyball” cast didn’t expect to snag 6 Oscar-nominations. But Jennings was by no means surprised.
“If you just watch the movie every scene is well executed and well calibrated and nothing is wasted,” said Jennings. “It’s really finely tuned. It’s like a race car. You just turn it on and hear the engine just purring.”