Spirit Awards Honors May Be Oscar Precursor

By Darian Harvin — 02/25/12
Tonight’s Independent Film Spirit Awards just might give us an eye into tomorrow night’s Oscar winners.
“The Descendants” is up for four Oscar nominations. Although one of its cast members Shailene Woodley didn’t snag a gold man nomination, she has won a pair of Spirit Award Wings as Best Supporting Female in the drama category.
Christopher Plummer won Best Supporting Male for his role in “The Beginners.” He’s also nominated in this category at the Oscars.
“The Artist” has proven to be the “it” movie this year. “The Artist” went home with three Spirit Awards. It has 8 Oscars nominations. So we will see how this film will do tomorrow.
There may be no correlation between the Wings and the Oscars. However the Spirit Awards still hold their own for honoring some under-the-radar filmmakers. “Pariah” won the John Cassavetes Award for the untold story of a Brooklyn girl slowly coming into her sexuality. Will Reiser won Best First Screenplay for Playwrite surrounding cancer in “50/50.” It’s evident independent filmmakers are striving to do more than win a trophy. They want to use the medium to send messages, and hopefully, get honored along the way.