“Salmon Fishing In The Yemen” Hooks Hearts from the Start

By Lauren Moquin–2/28/12
What a pleasure it was to watch a complex relationship unfold through such vivid imagery. “Salmon Fishing In The Yemen” is a romantic comedy that takes each individual character and helps them to find themselves within each other. Humor and a sense of charm pull together a movie that is not afraid to acknowledge pain and uncomfortable truths on the path to happiness.
Ewan McGregor stars as fisheries expert Dr. Fred Jones. Dr.Jones is incredibly dedicated to the facts, figures, and images of fish that make up his work. He even keeps a rod within his cubicle. His love life, however, is not as colorful. Dr. Jones has filled his head with so much, yet his home life remains empty. His wife is never seen with the
slightest smirk. She stands stiff and shares a mutual feeling that their marriage is just a
series of actions. When she announces a six-week business trip on the day of her departure, Dr. Jones is left contemplating why he is even in the relationship.
Dr. Jones’ solemn life is flipped on its head when a financial consultant, Harriet Chetwode-Talbot (Emily Blunt) pitches an idea to him at work. One of Harriet’s clients, a wealthy sheik, has decided to bring the sport of salmon fishing to the Yemen. The task is
virtually impossible, even laughable, but Dr. Jones has been enlisted to help. While Dr. Jones and Harriet work to bring the sheik’s dream to reality, the pair ends up discovering more than they ever dreamed. Though Dr. Jones initially says, “You can’t catch faith with a fishing rod,” the sheik and everything surrounding them begin to prove otherwise.
Though the salmon project is met with a series of conflicts -from misunderstanding locals to the wrath of Mother Nature – Dr. Jones, Harriet, and the sheik’s new-found faith lends them the courage to keep trying. As the efforts continue, the companionship and truth between them makes for a real life triumph.