Massachusetts Cries Out Against Three Strike Bill

Thumbnail image for 419876_2823761156775_1341360105_32171657_1169070063_n.jpgBy Dominique Banas–3/15/2012
Three strikes and you’re out. Three-hundred protestors are using this baseball terms to describe a new crime bill. The Massachusetts bill states that if you commit 3 felonies, you would be in prison for life.
Today 65 organizations rallied outside of the State House to stop the bill. Christian Amada is a former inmate and said he was there to let his voice be heard. “If we’re just going to lock people up and say three strikes and throw away the key and never let people out again..I mean I’m here supporting my community today.”
If the bill passes, Massachusetts would become the 26th state with a three strike law. Other states with the law include California, Texas, Washington, Arizona.
“If we look at California and their three strikes law, their prisons are overcrowded and no one is getting out. They say it’s for violent offenses but three strikes is three strikes and in California you have people getting locked up for the rest of their lives for petty crimes,” explained the former inmate.
In addition to Amada, mothers like Isauri Mendes came out to the rally because she wants a better solution for her community. “I lost two of my sons and three of my nephews in Dorchester. I see a pain between the parents who lost their children to street violence and parents who lost their children to prison. I think there is a better way to reach out to our children then the three strike bill.”
The state legislature will have to make a decision on the final passage by July 31st.