Comedy Film “Jeff Who Lives At Home” Makes You Smile

454px-Jason_Segel_at_world_of_color.jpgBy Erin Farley–3/16/2012
Living at home doesn’t look so bad in the comedy “Jeff Who Lives at Home.”
Jason Segel delivers a brilliant comedic performance as Jeff, a 30-year-old man who sits at home all day smoking weed and waiting for a sign that will help him discover his destiny.
When Jeff receives a call from a mysterious phone call from a man asking for Kevin, he believes that the name Kevin is a sign. He is attempting to decipher the code when his mother, Susan Sarandon, calls and sends him on an errand. What begins as a simple task soon unfolds into a chain of events that bring together Jeff, his mother, and his older brother Pat, played by Ed Helms, in one serendipity day.
Helms brings the perfect combination of comedy and drama to the movie. Helm’s character is the one causing trouble and starting all the problems in the comedy, but he manages to yell and cause a scene while still entertaining the audience.
Following a chance meeting between Jeff and Pat, Jeff spots Pat’s wife Linda, portrayed by Judy Greer, with another man. The brothers set off to follow the couple and find out what they’re doing together. How Jeff and Pat interact is by far the funniest part of the movie. Segel and Helms have truly great chemistry, which shows on screen.
Meanwhile, Susan Sarandon’s character, Sharon, is dealing with an apparent secret admirer at her office. She is a widow who believes herself to be old and no longer attractive. So she is skeptical at first but soon finds herself determined to get to the bottom of her anonymous lover’s identity. Sarandon does a great job playing a middle-aged woman going through a mid-life crisis. Despite the pity the audience may feel for her, her facial expressions will keep you laughing in every scene.
Jeff Who Lives at Home is the perfect movie to go to if you’re just looking to sit back and enjoy. The writers provide just enough witty lines to keep the audience smiling throughout the 83-minute movie.
Photo credit: hyku