Move over Avatar! Here Comes John Carter.

John_carter_poster.jpgBy Shannon Dwyer–3/20/2012
The new action flick John Carter is giving James Cameron a run for his money. Academy award-winning director Andrew Stanton and Walt Disney Pictures have combined forces to bring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ book series Barsoom to the big screen.
John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is a former Confederate soldier who has nothing to lose. He dreams of finding gold in the Arizona territory and spending the rest of his days as a rich man. But in the midst of a struggle with some Apache Indians, Carter finds himself transported to new world known as Barsoom, or as he knows it as, Mars.
Because of the gravity differences, Carter is now stronger, faster, and can jump higher than anyone else on the planet. That makes him an ally for some, such as Prince Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) and Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe), or an enemy for others. But Carter soon realizes there is more happening on Barsoom than some may realize. He also finds that he may the only person who can save the planet and its people from complete destruction.
Stanton has managed to bring the incredible world Burroughs envisioned to the big screen in a true pulp fiction style adventure. It is one that fans and newcomers alike will love. This is science fiction, as well as action and adventure, at its finest.
Photo credit: DannyHerrera98