Amy Andersen Knows How to Make You Laugh

398px-AmyAnderson.jpgBy Shakala Alvaranga–3/23/2012
Comedian Amy Anderson just performed in Boston. Anderson’s comedic personality runs in the family. Her 4-year-old daughter, Aubrey Anderson, plays Mitchell and Cam’s adopted daughter Lily on the hit TV series “Modern Family.”
Anderson began her act with some interesting news. “I just got a very big career break that happened to me today. And I’m very excited! You guys are actually the first people I’m telling…That Angelina Jolie is adopting me,” she laughed.
Anderson related many of her jokes to her own personal experience. Originally born in Korea, she was adopted by Swedish parents and raised in suburbia Minnesota. Anderson received her B.A. in classical music from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. She worked as a dog walker and a boarding school dorm mother. Then she realized that music was not her calling and decided to go in a very different direction. She took on the Twin Cities comedy scene. For six years, she mastered her comedic abilities by working as a theater and commercial actor, sketch writer, and improv teacher. Then she made her way to L.A., where she quickly established herself and created the first Asian American showcase called Chop-SHTICK. She has also been seen on Comedy Central, and Showtime, among others.
Known as “a skinny Margaret Cho,” Anderson offered the crowd some of her own advice. “Do something fun… do it now. This is the last chance you’ll get to do it,” she said. Near the end of the show, Anderson talked more about her daughter, Aubrey. She explained the importance of her child keeping her own money and claimed she is just a normal mother managing her daughter’s money.

”Do you think that I would be performing in this cave of a room if I was making money…with these fake curtains…?” Anderson said as everyone laughed hysterically.
She did admit that her daughter’s higher salary makes their relationship awkward at times. Anderson says that Aubrey’s lack of financial comprehension scares her sometimes.
“Before I would be like ‘Go sit in timeout, you’re being naughty!’ But now I’m like, ‘Go to timeout ……or give me $1000 dollars,’ Anderson joked.
The comedian says that what she loves about watching Aubrey on TV is that she really understands the joke.
“She’s a really funny little kid and as a comedian, nothing makes me prouder,” Anderson said.
Photo credit: Bad4nr