If You Can’t Say It, Don’t Legislate It

By Ariana Sandillo 8-30-2012  

The dress code yesterday at Riverfront Park in Tampa called for all pink and vagina costumes.

To demonstrate the importance of reproductive rights and women’s roles in the economy, women’s activist group, CODEPINK, teamed up with Planned Parenthood to host a women’s rights rally protesting the Republican Party.

Ages ranged from college students to elderly men and women who were all there for one reason – to promote women’s rights, specifically with abortion and healthcare. Together they sang, “bring your vagina to the RNC.”

Many Planned Parenthood supporters agreed they didn’t understand why the government was trying to invade on their personal freedoms by infringing on women’s healthcare rights.

Jessica Schwartz is a 21-year-old woman who believes that she should be in control of what she chooses to do with her body, not the government.

“Not everyone is a scientist. Not everyone understands what goes into having an abortion, how a fetus develops and so I think it’s best left to a person and their doctor about what the right step is to take.”

Katherine Gonzalez is a student at Florida state university.

She believes the state of the economy is another issue that many women should be concerned with.

“There are just issues of money, you know, of money, tax dollars are going, of federal funding of social programs.”

CODEPINK will continue on its nationwide tour in a bright pink bus to promote women’s rights and the anti-war movement.