Coronation of the One Percent

By Ariana Sandillo 8-31-2012 

A storm was brewing in downtown Tampa as the Occupy movement gathered to rally the 99%.

On august 30, demonstrators assembled in the Lykes Gaslight Park amidst what appeared to be a severe weather alert.

Occupy protestors held signs and wore pig snouts and Mr. Moneybags-style top hats. Mitt Romney even showed up…that is, a larger-than-life paper măché figure of the GOP candidate.

With a security detail of over 100 surrounding the park, the protests only became louder and more vibrant.

But there were other occurrences that sparked noise and color that night.

Lightening lit up the sky and thunder boomed throughout the hollow streets as the occupy protest grew louder.

Police tried to break up the rally for safety reasons, but demonstrators took to the streets instead. Marching as close as they could get to the entrance of the Tampa Bay Times Forum, they chanted, “politicians we don’t need em, need em,” and “we don’t want a Romney Economy.”

Onlookers gathered to watch the protest and some R-N-C attendees shouted back at them, “get a job!”

After learning they would get no further towards the convention center, the protestors broke off down the street and the rally died down.

The Occupy Movement has been protesting the government and big money institutions since September 20-11.