Romney Versus CODEPINK

By Ariana Sandillo 8-31-2012

Mitt Romney wasn’t the only one fired up during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

Members of CODEPINK interrupted the GOP Presidential nominee, calling for money out of politics and a return to a fair and balanced government for and by the people.

Four members of the women’s activist group, three women and one man, held up signs and banners reading, “People over profits,” and “Democracy is not a business.”

CODEPINK co-founder Rae Abileah has been involved in the GOP protests throughout the week, including Romney’s acceptance speech. She said the government has veered away from the people.

“I want a government by and for the people instead of a government that puts profits over people and panders to corporate interests.”

Tighe Barry is a CODEPINK activist from Los Angeles. He said he believes Governor Romney is only focusing on the upper class.

“He operates on a corporate agenda which benefits the wealthy at the expense of the middle and lower class.”

During Romney’s speech, Barry joined the CODEPINK women in chanting, “People over profits” and was violently attacked by an audience member. Though, no severe injuries were reported, the protesters were taken into custody for questioning.

CODEPINK has been protesting the RNC every day since the start. Demonstrations include calling for the arrest of Condoleezza Rice for war crimes, speaking out against gun violence, opposing an attack on Iran and protesting the Republican Party’s “war on women.”