Rubio’s Steps into the Spotlight

By Katie O’Donnell 8-31-2012  

Senator Marco Rubio walked onto the RNC stage Thursday night with two tasks. First, he had to introduce the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States. Second, he had to make his speech as memorable as Clint Eastwood’s.

Senator Rubio started off with a few jokes to get the crowd refocused after Eastwood’s parting words drove his fans crazy. He went right into a story about his Cuban Grandfather, who told him “there was no limit to how far [he] could go, because [he] was an American.”

The idea of American greatness and opportunity became the theme for the rest of the speech. Rubio continued on, trying to demonstrate how Former Governor Mitt Romney could uphold those values and move America forward.

On President Obama, Rubio said, “by all accounts, he too is a good husband, and a good father — and thanks to lots of practice, a pretty good golfer. Our problem is he’s a bad president.

Senator Rubio went into more depth about why Obama is “a bad president,” while assuring the crowd that Romney’s experience as a businessman, family man, and man of faith makes him the prime choice for the November election.

“Yes, we live in a troubled time…. And Mitt Romney is running for president because he knows that if we are willing to do for our children what our parents did for us, life in America can be better than it has ever been.”

Rubio spoke of his parents toiling to put food on the table and how they worked long hours for little pay. He added that, now as a father, he understands why his parents tried so hard for him and his siblings. He said it came down to giving the future generation more than the previous one could hope to dream.

“We’re special because dreams that are impossible anywhere else, come true here. That’s not just my story. That’s your story. That’s our story.”