“Project Runway” Editor Tells the Real Story

By Alyssa Altman 9-22-2012

If clothes make the model, then editors make the story.

“I always say as an editor in reality, you have to let the footage tell the story. The producers may want a story, or wish for a story to come out. But it’s all in the footage. What happens, happens,” said Lisa Trulli to WEBN in Los Angeles. Her work earned her her second editing nomination.

Trulli has been editing the show for three yearsShe sifts through hours of footage, looking for the one quote or shot that will stand out above the rest.

“I love to try to find that little nugget, that little thing, that in just once sentence, can kind of tell you who that person is. It’s a big challenge, and you have to dig really hard, but it’s always really fun when you find it,” explained Trulli.

She went on to describe the complicated process involved in editing. “Project Runway” shoots with multiple cameras for one month straight for 12-14 hours a day.

 “I think there’s a lot more going on in choosing what you put into the show than most people would think. It’s not random at all,” said Trulli.

Trulli is a fan of the show and even she can get caught up in the magic of television.

“I totally root for my favorites, I’m disappointed when they’re voted off, and I dream of having a dress made by one of these cast members here and there,” she confesses.


This is Trulli’s second nomination for her editing “Project Runway.”