Conquering the Web At “Lazar” Speed

By Jackie Tiongson 9-23-2012

The Internet is the modern source for entertainment news. For shows to be successful on the web, they have to be on top of real-time trends. Or in Emmy nominee Shira Lazar’s case, her program called “What’s Trending.”
She told WEBN in Los Angeles, “Sourcing what’s trending online is a very important part of what we do. We are the curators of what’s hot in the Internet space.”

Lazar co-created the acclaimed web show. She exudes a love for journalism on every media platform. She is also the executive producer and host. Lazar exudes a love for journalism on every media platform explaining, “That’s why it is so important, a priority to not only have the show, but to have a site, have your social media, social networks that are connecting and engaging with fans 24/7.”

Two years ago the show debuted and has pioneered the Internet news platform. This year it celebrates its first Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media. Lazar explained why “What’s Trending” is unique.
“We are the only unscripted kind of talk show for the digital age that is daily, live, and premium on YouTube right now and that is what makes us stand out,” Lazar told WEBN.

The show highlights popular YouTube videos and brings in guests to speak about their interests and popular topics on websites like Twitter. She told us, “What MTV was for music videos we want ‘What’s Trending’ to be that for YouTube videos.” She believes that her guests make her program successful, “We are great at booking a mixture of stars from the traditional space and online space.”

Lazar is amazed how popular the Internet has become for media and believes that in the future, news will primarily be online. Lazar sees the Internet as not just “the stepping stone to getting on T.V. A lot of people are building entire careers online.”

She recognizes how younger generations overwhelmingly turn to YouTube for their source of entertainment.
“For us the online world is of utmost importance. It is the priority because that’s where the younger demo is,” said Shira. “Advertisers are going to want to connect with the younger generation, so why not start something and build it right now for the audience.”

Lazar does not plan to air “What’s Trending” on a T.V. Network anytime soon. Instead, she is focusing on transforming the show into its own media brand platform.